Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Are You Chasing The Dunya, the world?

Assalamu Alaikum,

This is a story I read a while ago about an old man who saw a fully-veiled woman in black. This woman would show up here and there and this man would chase her. When the time for salaat came, he would miss it because he would chase after this fully veiled woman. This woman caught his eye and he couldn't keep from her. So eventually he would follow her back to her home. When he arrived the sound for prayer came again, but he didn't listen to its call. The woman unveiled herself and she was old and creepy. This woman said, "Well, I'm here for you. You've been chasing me for so long. You have missed prayer for me. I'm the Dunya".

The moral of this story is simple: Don't follow blindly and this world is only an illusion. Do your duties as an individual now, and don't be foolish enough to believe that this world has anything good enough to give to you. This dunya is only an illusion for its lovers.

Like the phrase goes, "The dunya is paradise for the unbelievers and hell for the believers."
Fitna can be easily as being trouble, or strife. The dunya, or the world can be considered fitna. Fitna is apparent inside of the dunya. The dunya itself isn't a problem because many individuals are able to live within it without any problem, but the problem is how to understand how to live within it. Living for the dunya and living in the dunya are two separate things.
Living in the dunya is simply categorized as living within it for living purposes or etc.
Living for the dunya can be categorized as loving the dunya because of its luxuries, its wealth, its lusts, its pleasures, and etc.

Wearing Jewelry and Makeup is NOT haraam!

Assalamu Alaikum,

A sister yesterday told the Islamic class I attended that her husband or father-in-law believes that wearing earrings is haraam for women in public because its beautification.

Many sisters also believe that wearing makeup is haraam outside the house.

I have hadiths that will ease the pain of women feeling as if these two items are in the haraam.

Ibn Abbas said, Allah's Apostle went out and offered the Id prayed and then delivered the sermon. "Then the ProphetSAW went to the women and instructed them and gave them religious advice and ordered them to give alms and I saw them reaching out(their hands to) their ears and necks(to take off their earrings and necklaces,etc) and throwing (it) towards Bilal. Then the ProphetSAW returned to his house with Bilal-Bukhari

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

Wear your white garments, for they are among your best garments, and shroud your dead in them. Among the best types of collyrium you use is antimony (Khol) it clears the vision and makes the hair sprout. [Dauod]

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said,

"Apply antimony, for it clears the sight and makes the hair grow." And he asserted that the Prophet had a collyrium-case from which he applied collyrium every night in three times each eye.

[Tirmidhi transmitted it]

When the Prophet(sa) had revealed to the people that when making hajj, if one has not brought the sacrificial animals with them, they should put off ihram and treat the hajj as an umrah, Ali came from the Yemen with the sacrificial animals for the Prophet (peace be upon him) and found Fatimah (Allah be pleased with her) to be one among those who had put off Ihram and had put on dyed clothes and had applied antimony. He (Ali) showed disapproval to it, whereupon she said: My father has commanded me to do this. [Muslim]

"The lawful is clear and the unlawful is clear..." [Bukhari and Muslim

Insha'ALLAH, I hope I have answered some questions that were regarding makeup and earrings outside of the home.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do Not Listen To People's Personal Fatwas

Assalamu Alaikum wa Warahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

There are many sisters that I know that have listened to many people's opinions on what is halal and what is haraam.

ALLAHSWT is the only one that can make things halal or haraam.

A sister told me that her brother told her that wearing jeans is haraam. Also, she told me that women aren't supposed to wear jeans because they are clothes of the opposite sex and that it attracts attention.

Subhan'ALLAH, there is nothing in the Qur'an or Sunnah that forbids a woman from wearing jeans. When wearing jeans it is IMPORTANT that the jeans do not show your body and that they are big and baggy IF worn OUTSIDE of the house, insha'ALLAH.

Please, understand that we should not listen to what everyone tells us. This is very important. Many people come and give others fatwas, or religious opinions when we should be going to Qur'an and Authentic Sunnah when getting our information. I really want everyone to understand that our religion is not hard.

Many people do not believe that the beard is fard, but it is. The hadeeth of Ibn 'Umar who said that the Messenger of ALLAH(peace and blessings be upon him) said: "Be different from the mushrikeen: Let your beards grow and trim your moustaches". This is an authentic hadeeth that tells men that their beards are fard, and that by shaving it off is a sin.

Its very important that when we listen to people that we get the daleel, or evident from them. It is also important that what they tell us is accurate and correct.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Muslimahs from ALL OVER THE WORLD

Assalamu Alaikum,
These pics are from I love these pictures because it just represents how we are diverse in how we choose to dress, but still being covered up. This is really neat to see from all the Muslimas around the world. Insha'ALLAH, i will post up more pictures. I hope that this will open some muslimahs eyes into what they are able to wear.
I personally like my all black because its sleek and classy, but sometimes color doesn't hurt. I love color. EID IS THE TIME WHEN COLOR is like the ULTIMATE sleekness. I love seeing the sisters dressing up in all of their clothes that are dressy and fancy. Masha'ALLAH.
Why wouldn't we want to dress how we want if we weren't told what to wear specifically besides hijab and loose, fitting clothing!